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Digital Product Privacy Policy

Digital Product Privacy Policy

Version 0608.2018

NoelRecords(Yasuhiro Takano),, respects the privacy rights of its users and recognises the importance of protecting their personal data. This Digital Product Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") provides information relating to the collection, processing, use and privacy of information you submit through the Digital Product.

Words and expressions in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as in the End User License Agreement for the Digital Product.

1 What Information We Collect and Process

1.1 Information about Your Person and Devices You use

We may collect and use your information below to provide our services and to measure and improve them over time.

・Log data
・Country data
・Age and gender data
・Device model you use
・Screen resolution of your devices

1.2 Information Related to Your Transactions

If you use the Digital Product to make any transactions, we collect and process information about these transactions, such as the registration of licences, purchase of items, use of items, payments and other related activities.

1.3 Information Related to Your Use of the Digital Product

We may collect your activity history data such as which features of the Digital Product you used, at what times you played, as well as crash reports.

1.4 Cookies and Similar Technologies

The Digital Product may use cookies and other similar technologies. Cookies are small files downloaded to your device. Cookies help us to ensure the safety and smooth functionality of our services (security cookies and session cookies).

The security and session cookies that we employ are necessary to provide you with the services you have requested. For example, we employ cookies that enable us to maintain your dictionary data.

2 How Information Is Used - Purposes of Processing

2.1 Providing the Service

We collect and further process the information in order to:

・Enable your use of the Digital Product correctly; and to
・Process requests that you make via the Digital Product.

If you use the Digital Product for making transactions, we process the information about the transactions you make to the extent necessary to process your orders, to provide you with the transaction history and to meet our financial and legal obligations.

2.2 Fraud Prevention and Prevention of Other Illegal Activities

We may process the collected information relating to the use of the Digital Product to prevent fraud, potentially illegal or offensive activities or to enforce our rights or the rights of other users.

2.3 Usage Information

"Usage Information" as referred to in this Section 2.3 includes all information submitted through the Digital Product as well as all information collected and processed when using the Digital Product.

2.3.1 Provision of the service

We process the Usage Information for the provision of the service of the Digital Product described in Section 2.1. 

2.3.2 Product and Service Improvement

We process the Usage Information to perform analytics and statistics of the usage of the Digital Product in order to improve and optimise the Digital Product and our products, our services and performance of our products and services.

Our digital product uses the following tools,

・Firebase Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google, Inc.

・Facebook Analytics, an analytics service provided by Facebook, Inc. 

2.3.3 Customized Offers and Recommendations

We may also process the Usage Information for purposes of customised marketing, so that content, products and services can be tailored to meet your needs and to enable customised recommendations and offers displayed to you via the Digital Product or other online functionalities.


Our digital product uses the following tools,

・Admob, an advertisement distribution service provided by Google, Inc.

・nend, an advertisement distribution service provided by F@N Communications, Inc.

3 User Communications

When you send an email or other communication to us, we use those communications in order to process your inquiries and respond to your requests.

4 Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy and our data processing activities, please contact:

NoelRecords(Yasuhiro Takano),


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