Hello Japanese People

-Talk to Japanese customers


Release 2017.4.11


Release 2017.4.8

Do you communicate with Japanese customers in Japanese?

Most of Japanese people can't speak English. But they travel all around the world.
If you talk to them in Japanese language, they will smile to you. It is business chance.

"Hello Japanese people" contains many useful Japanese sentences for communicating with Japanese customers.

There are 7 main categories(Greeting, Sale, Restaurant, Payment, People say, words), and each sentence plays Japanese by tap. Of course you can change the speed of sound play.

This app has 2 usages.
1. For study Japanese.
This app plays Japanese aloud. So you can study Japanese of communicating with Japanese customers by your eyes and ears.

2. For easy communication.
This app contains many useful sentences.
So if you have a thing to talk to Japanese customers, tap the sentence in this app.
This app talk Japanese instead of you.


Let's start "Hello Japanese people"!!


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