I wrote this song for my band, but we could not complete it.

So I copleted it for my song.
Lyrics by me and basist of band.

I like this song.
Lyric is here.

Be happy (Vocaloid)

This is Vocaloid ver.
Lyric is here.

One day in the summer night

I got some pressuer that "Hey, you shold sing your song by yourself!!", so I sang. I want to be good singer someday!!


"Be Happy" mixed by Mr.MOMODON.

Thank you very much☆

Good mix makes song better :)

Lyric is here.


Piano instrymental.

I like this!!


Be happy

I wrote this song for a friend, Mr.rootan from high school (I forgot  when he married !!). This is re-take version and vocal is mysef. It is bad vocal, so I will delete this song form soundcloud someday (laugh).

One day in the summer night (Vocalid)

The days I spent with my precious.

In begining,  they were for a day. Before I knew it, they became to be for future. And we must part. but we never meet without parting.

"a Day in the Summer" Lyric is here.

Qui, je le sais


When I lent my guitar to a colleague at work, I recorded this sound for demo.

My first sound by DAW Live9.

Short instrumental.

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