If I see the tenderness, I will cry with delght in a lot of tenderness or sorrow for little one. I had that doubt. When I played the guitar that time, this song was written.

"To me that time" lyric is here.


A colleague at work married his girlfriend from high school.

So I wrote this song for them.

All things must pass, but the feeling that never change.

That is "love".

Lyric is here.

We are not alone. Each person lives like drawing the line (KISEKI in japanese) in the huge canvas. Each lines crosses somewhere, new line starts from that point. That is miracle (KISEKI in japanese).

"KISEKI" lyric is here.

When I wrote this song, I thougt that "I can't believe anybody!!".

So I don't have good feeling about this song :-(

Uh, I like this Guitar solo !! (laugh)

"a Chicken Guy" lyric is here.

After all, the world is constructed by the human.

In this place, are things being right true? 

Do we stand on neutral ground?

This song is that We have to act by myself.

"an artificial product" lyric is here.

Instrumrntal. The medley of my songs written in 2012.

And first song written by DAW "FL STUDIO".

This is demo, so there are many miss.

But I like this Instrumental music.

I wrote this song at age of 17, and finished in 2013.

Lyric by Mr.rootan (he is my  friend from high school).

To be honest, I don't remenber this song :-e 

That was past thing.

But That was was youth!!

"Cycling tour" lyric is here.

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