A Sail on the Day (musique hack ver.)

Original is vocaloid ver.(2014).

This good song.

Vocal :Apricot



A Drop (Vocaloid ver.)

Thisi is vocaloid (GUMI) version.

One Day (musique hack ver.)

Singer is Apricot.

I think this is better than vocaloid version.

Nice vocal.

A Drop

I wrote this song for my band in 2012.

Band member liked this but I hated it.

I think this song is too beautiful and clean. I am not clean person.

Mayber, that is reason.

lyric and bass by Kitamu (he is member)

Vocal by Apricot (he is member too )

One Day(vocaloid)

I gonna sing this by myself, but I've not rec vocal.

So I made vocaloid version.

Nice song.

App "Mr.Speaker" Theme Song

I made this song for iPhone App "Mr.Speaker", it is my App.

PV of "Mr.Speaker"  is here.

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