At age of 21, I wrote this song. My first lyric.

Love doesn't increase, but becomes the deeper.

I could say that without the shame.

And even now, I can say that :^)

Many people say that this song is good♪

"Love supremacism" lyric is here.


When I wrote this song, I had worked for 2 years from graduation of university. Unreasonable of society made me depressed.

I also disappear from the world in the future. Until them, I want to leave the proof of my exsistence.

...I don't have dangerous ideology (laught).

This version changed the key down from NICONICO movie version.

"My hand, your hand" lyric is here.

One day, I borrowed the comics "JOJO" from a colleague at work. I read JOJO  from first season to season 7th. When I finished to read season 6th, I felt something. So I wrote this song.

I uploaded the movie of this before, but its key was too high. So in this version, I changed the key down and made time short.

"Dramatic" lyric is here.

I joined the band, but I'm not satisfied with the skill of members.

All right, I do by myself!!

This song is my first work by Vocaloid.

"Rail" lyric is here.

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