A Sail on the Day

Life has its peaks and valleys. Sometimes we feel uneasiness and despair like I'm alone in the sea. Fighting them is hard and painful.

But when we win, we can stand beautiful place. This song is like that :)

Lyric by Mr.rootan (he is my friend), Guitar sound by TKsan(excellent guitarist)

Lyric is here.

Our Song

When I write the song, I think about someone.

Favrite paerson, company, and sometimes character in the story.

This song is my way to write the sing.

Lyric is here.


At the age of 15, I wrote my fisrt song. These days, I always played with a frend, but I and he have become dirfted apart since high school. In the begining of 2014, I saw him in 10 years. We’ve got a lot to catch up on.

This song is writtrn when I was 15 (,but not first song). He wrote the lyric and re-arranged. Thank you. But...why did you choose this song? 

Introdution by is here.


When People fall in love, thier hearts terribly ache for love.

I think it is because the feeling is saturated(overdrived) with love.

But in my case, I don't have the guts to confess my love. I want to run away. But I want to tell her.  This song is lovesickness such that. (What a shy boy!!) 

Guitar solo by TKsan(excellent guitarist), movie by Masku"A"zyosan♪

Lyric is here.

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